Wow! So I just heard about this high tech male masturbator – the kind that’s made from the latest “state of the art” in silicone and other materials that truly feel like real skin to the touch.​ You can imagine my surprise when the topic of “high tech masturbation” popped right into my head! Previously, I had never really thought about this type of technology or device.​ Little did I know I’d be surprised by the amazing features and design available for a male to explore his partners pleasure points or his own erotic fantasies.​

I remember being intrigued by the idea of using a high tech masturbator, mainly due to my own personal curiosity.​ I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when it came to a high tech device, but the more I read, the more I was intrigued.​ For starters, I was shocked by the multitude of features this device offered.​ Many of them are incredibly lifelike, such as warmth, stroking, rhythm, lifelike sensations, and even virtual reality.​ I was hooked!

Using a cock ring to last longer and have better sexWhat’s more, some of these devices come with interactive features, such as customized modes, sensors, and even games that claim to provide a truly immersive experience.​ I could tell that this device was was made with a lot of thought and care.​ Additionally, I found out that the quality of the material can actually be adjusted from a firmness level to allow for a more realistic feel.​ And yes, that means a completely unique experience every single time!

One of the most fascinating features of the high tech masturbator is its connectivity feature.​ With the use of Bluetooth, the devices can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer to enable remote control functionality.​ That means I can control the device from a distance and interact with my partner, or use it to fulfill my own needs without having to physically be there.​ That’s a huge plus in my book.​

The thought of it all was pretty amazing.​ I saw so many possibilities and couldn’t help but be tempted by the idea of experiencing this for myself.​ In fact, I became so curious that I ended up getting one for myself.​ Needless to say, it did not disappoint! After about a week of using it, I was completely sold on this device.​ From the lifelike sensations to the incredible ability to customize the experience, sex dolls this device definitely lives up to its promises.​

As I continued to explore this new world of male masturbation, I stumbled upon other products such as lubricants, sex toys, and even a few mobile apps that are designed to enhance my experience even further.​ Needless to say, I am completely hooked on this experience.​ With all the amazing products and technologies out there, the possibilities for exploration and pleasure are truly endless.​

I’ve become very attuned to the myriad of sensations these devices have to offer, and I can honestly say that the experience is unlike any other.​ Who knew that such a high-tech device could be so stimulating and pleasurable? It’s safe to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying this newfound exploration into a world of pleasure I never knew existed.​