who is your current distributor in sex toys

I recently decided to take a leap and purchase a sex toy, and boy did I ever! I of course had no idea who the best distributor was, so I did a bunch of research. Turns out, my current distributor in sex toys is someone I’ve actually known for a while! It was as if a lightbulb went off after I had finished researching, and it made so much sense – that I should have just asked her in the first place!

My current distributor in sex toys is a woman named Kate. She is the owner of a local sex toy shop here in the city. She is a total badass – she’s always been so empowering and encouraged me and all the other customers to explore our wildest fantasies. She’s never judged or laughed at my preferences and was always ready to engage in some good-natured sex toy banter. She always had tips and tricks and genuinely made me feel comfortable and confident.

It didn’t take me long to make the decision to use her as my exclusive source for all sex toys. I mean, she is the queen of her craft! Her stock is always so fresh and new – and she only stocks the best, most innovative and safest adult toys on the market. Every time I walk into her store, I’m usually left with SO much to talk about on the drive home.

Her prices are insanely good too. I was able to find the same products she sold for cheaper elsewhere, but the personal customer service she gives is definitely worth it. She also throws in some freebies every now and then – and I’m never complaining about that!

Not only does she stock a wide variety of items, but one of the many things I love about her shop is their discreet wrapping. I always get my package wrapped so neatly and discreetly – and my neighbours never have a clue what’s inside! I was nervous ordering sex toys online and worried about having them delivered to my home, but with Kate around I was able to do so without a worry in the world.

Apart from just stocking sex toys, Kate also offers a range of different services. This includes helping me select the right toy for me, giving advice on how to use the toy, and even suggesting products that I may not have heard of. She’s so knowledgeable and friendly, so I know she only ever recommends the best stuff for my needs.

I have really grown to trust her and she has taken my sex toy experience to an entirely new level. She provides so much more than just products – she provides an entire community, friendship, and a safe space to explore my sexuality without shame or regret. It’s clear to me why she is THE go-to person for sex toys and I’d highly recommend her to anyone!

Now that I’ve found my go-to source for sex toys, Penis Rings I’m definitely exploring a side of me that I didn’t even know existed. I’m trying out new toys, add-ons, and experiences every chance I get. I’ve found that with experimentation, I’ve been able to discover even more than I ever thought possible – huge sparks of pleasure and some surprisingly specific and powerful orgasms.

The best thing of all is that I can thank Kate for this newfound pleasure. She helped me explore and expand my sexual repertoire in a safe, friendly and love-filled environment. Now, to honor her and thank her, I shop with her every chance I get!