Online Adult Sex Toys Store In Chiang Rai | +66 971505902Wow, that is a lot! The topic you chose is quite a interesting one. So what is removable on a sex doll? Removable items in a sex doll can vary from different manufacturers. Some of the most common removable parts on a sex doll include her hair, eyes, mouth, arms, legs, breasts, and genitalia.

When it comes to the eye colours, some dolls come programmed with a permanent eye colour – usually blue, green, brown or black – while others come with a set of interchangeable eyes so you can change her eye colour or swap them out depending on your preference.

Even the hair can be removable whether it is made from synthetic materials or natural human hair. All you need to do is brush it and swap it out when it needs to be changed or cleaned.

The genitalia area of your doll can be detachable or interchangible, and easily exchanged depending on your dolls’ type. This area also includes the anus and vagina in case you’d like to give your doll that extra lifelike feel.

Talking about the body proportions, you can have your doll with arms and legs that are removable or permanently connected to your doll’s body. Depending on the manufacturerer, some dolls may also have removable finger and toe nails and of course, the breasts! Yes, it is possible to remove the breasts of your doll. Which most likely than not, is a plus for those who prefer smaller breasts.

And lastly,depending on the manufacturer, you may also have the option to exchange body parts such as the mouth, arms, legs and torso or other parts in order to “customise” your doll and make her look the way you want.

It definitely is quite fascinating that you can have a sex doll that you can ‘modify’ to your own liking. Even if you may have require less or vibrators more removable parts on a sex doll, it’s just amazing to me that you can have a doll that looks precisely how you want her to look. I’m sure that must feel empowering for those who own one.

But of course, these removable parts of a sex doll are just one element to consider when buying one. You also need to think about the other features like the material and style of the doll, the type of hair and facial features, the size of the doll and the various other options available. It is always important to do your research and look at what different manufactures may offer.

Another important factor when considering a sex doll is the overall price and the cost of the removable parts such as eyes, hair and other features. The doll itself may come with a hefty price tag, and when added with the costs of worn out pieces, parts that have to be replaced and the additional maintenance – it can truly add up. That is why it is important to factor in all relevant costs before deciding if a sex doll is for you.

Personally, while I do think sex dolls can be quite interesting, I don’t think I will be getting one any time soon. I am still considering all the aspects of having one, from the cost to the maintenance – it all seems a bit overwhelming. But of course, to each their own – it’s a personal decision.