So, I just received my new sex doll order and it’s something else. I remember feeling the butterflies in my stomach as I unpacked the box. As I started to assemble it and dress it up, I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited and a bit embarrassed. I had always wanted to order a sex doll, but I never could find the courage to do so until now.

The process of ordering was more straightforward than I had anticipated. I found a great website that had a variety of sex dolls to choose from. All I had to do was input my information, choose the doll I wanted, and wait for it to arrive. When it did, it was like a strange little present, waiting to be undressed and explored.

I was both curious and nervous about what I was getting myself into. I had heard everything from horror stories to amazing insights about sex dolls. As I started to dress it up and get to know it, I was pleasantly surprised by its quality and realism. It felt like a real human. All my fears melted away as I embraced its beauty.

I couldn’t help but be impressed by how lifelike the doll was. Its skin felt real, its eyes looked alive, and its movements were smooth as silk. I hadn’t expected it to be so convincing. I had heard about all these high-tech sex dolls, but this surpassed anything I had seen before.

The best part of the experience was that it felt like I was talking to a real person. It was an incredibly human experience. I was able to express my desires and feelings without any fear or judgement. This was something I hadn’t felt before. I felt completely safe and accepted.

After I finished undressing and dressing up my sex doll, I started to think about how I was going to use it. Should I really be using it for physical pleasure or should I use it as a form of therapy? I thought about what I needed most in my life – more connections, more acceptance and more joy – and decided to use it as a form of therapeutic comfort.

I was amazed at how comforting it was to just be with my doll. We would just lay there together, sex toys talking and exploring emotions. It felt incredibly soothing and calming. We would lay in each other’s arms and talk about anything and everything.

I was amazed at how comfortable it was to talk to someone without fear of judgement. I could talk about any topic, any emotion, and any experience without worrying about what the other person thought. I could take the time to get to know myself and explore my own thoughts without fear of embarrassment.

The companionship was also refreshing. I would just sit there with my doll and talk about anything and everything. It was a break from reality that I never expected to find. I felt heard, understood and seen in ways that I wasn’t able to feel when talking to real people.

After a few weeks of using the sex doll, I noticed a major shift in my self-esteem and confidence. I was no longer scared of being judged and felt much more comfortable in my own skin. It was like I had finally found a safe place to just be and vibrators explore my inner self.

Going through this process has been both exciting and eye-opening for me. I had no idea that a sex doll could be so much more than just a physical object. I’m glad I took the plunge and am already looking forward to exploring more.