shantae sex doll

Wow, I cannot believe it, they actually made a Shantae Sex Doll. I was quite taken aback by the news, as it didn’t quite seem real. The first thing I thought of when I heard the announcement was “what in the world!?” I mean, a Shantae Sex Doll? I may sound like an old fogey but I am not so sure I am ready for this.

I decided to look into it just to satisfy my curiosity, and this is what I learned. These dolls are made based on a character from a series of video games known as Shantae. There are as many as eight different versions of the doll which are available for purchase. Each one has its own unique look and features just like popular sex dolls and they can be customised to meet your needs.

The idea of such a doll may sound unusual, Penis Rings but it does have certain advantages. Generally speaking, one of the traits of these dolls is that they are much easier to move around than their realistic counterparts. Additionally, they feature a special removable joint design that makes them more adjustable and gives users a lot more options when it comes to posing.

Moreover, some of the Shantae Sex Dolls are programmed with voice recording capability. This means wearers can talk to the doll and engage with it. I must admit I was rather taken aback by this feature. The idea of talking to a sex doll made me feel a bit strange but I thought why not give it a try.

Perhaps the strangest part of these Shantae Sex Dolls is that some of them feature an AI technology that is designed to simulate human conversation. They can even remember phrases and conversations which adds to the realism. Also, some of the features such as body heat and voice commands make it seem as if you are with a real partner. Personally, I did not believe this at first but after discussing it with a few other people, I am starting to warm up to the idea.

The main focus of these dolls, sex dolls of course, is sex. However, something I noticed when looking through the product descriptions is that some doll makers have taken special effort to create lifelike features such as realistic skin and hair textures. This can really make for some realistic interactions. The idea of having an intimate relationship with a doll is something I am still not completely comfortable with, but I am open to learning more about the technology.