pump term for penis

Pumping, a term I’m sure many of us have heard before.​ But what exactly is it? According to Urban Dictionary, Pumping is the act of attaching a vacuum device to the penis which helps enhance the size of the penis.​ I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard about this.​ After all, how effective can a vacuum pump be?

Well, after doing some research and talking to a few of my friends who had actually tried it, I decided to give it a try.​ I went to the store and bought the pump.​ It was a little strange since I was the only guy there buying it.​ But I kept my head up and waved back at all the people staring at me.​

The pumping process was surprisingly easier than I expected.​ After attaching the pump, I just had to squeeze it to create a vacuum.​ This process produces suction on the penis which forcibly pulls blood into the shaft of the penis, making it appear bigger than it is.​ After using the pump multiple times, I noticed a gain in size in terms of both length and girth.​ It was quite amazing!

Aside from its ability to increase size, I also found that pumping was useful for improving performance.​ I found it easier to become aroused when I used the pump and also felt increased pleasure during sex.​ Not to mention the fact that it was also good for my self-confidence.​ My partner was just as pleased with the results as I was, so win-win situation all around!

But it’s worth mentioning that pumping isn’t some magical solution that’ll make your penis bigger overnight.​ It takes regular and consistent use over a period of several weeks in order to see noticeable results.​ Also, some men report unwanted side effects such as blood blisters, bruising, and deformed penises.​

So overall, I would say that pumping is an effective way of increasing size if you’re willing to commit to it for a few months.​ However, I recommend that you consult with a doctor or urologist before starting because it’s important to be aware of the risks involved.​

After the initial period of using the pump and sex toys seeing positive results, I switched to a more permanent solution: using a Penis Rings extender.​ Unlike the pump, extenders are designed to stretch the penis using a gentle force which helps stimulate tissue growth and increase size.​ Again, I noticed a gain in size in a few weeks of consistent use.​

Another thing I found really helpful when using the extender was this exercise called jelqing.​ This is an ancient Middle Eastern exercise that helps stimulate blood flow and increase the size of the penis.​ I would recommend to any man that is looking to increase size or improve performance to give it a try.​

All in all, if you’re looking to increase size, then both pumping and extenders are great options.​ Just make sure you research the products carefully and consult with a doctor or urologist before starting anything and you can be sure to have safe and positive results.​