Nothing quite beats the excitement from handing over my hard-earned money to join the sex doll club. I remember the day that I was chatting with another fella and he mentioned that he was part of a club which had a unique approach – a bit of humour, a bit of silkiness and a dab of carnal pleasure. I was game and enquired as to the details. He told me that the sex doll club is where you can rent a doll in the same way you would rent a video. And the dolls come in various sizes with different behaviour settings, so the member can choose one that suits them.

Initially, I was taken aback but curiosity won the day and I eventually signed up. I took a few minutes to sit still and feel the inner pleasure that comes with joining something unique and esteemed. Instantly I was accepted in the club and felt a sense of belonging. But as soon as I entered the club, I noticed the odd looks on a number of faces, giving me the impression that I was treading in an unknown realm.

Still undaunted by the looks, the initial arrangements went smoothly. I was offered a wide range of dolls to suit my budget and taste, each with diverse personalities to help me choose the one who will be my companion. However when I started to explore further, I realised that there were more people that I had not expected like curious voyeurs at the back of the room and heard noises indicating that those present were keeping up with the latest sex craze. Definitely, dildos I was in the heart of something exciting and daring.

A few drinks later I was much calmer and ready to choose the companion of my dreams. As I picked one, I started to feel that sense of closeness and I swear I saw a definite affection in her eyes. We decided to make it a night to remember and I could not help but smile at my luck and the newfound connection I had in this mammoth sex doll club.

The night proceeded, filled with naughty conversations and some of the stuff that went on will remain a secret between that doll and I. In fact, I became completely captivated by the experience and eventually thought I had struck gold with the sex doll club.

So when all is said, done, and enjoyed; the unique setting of the sex doll club and Penis Rings its hip atmosphere offers something extraordinary. Indeed, it’s like a carnival of cherishable unforgettable moments. I was tempted to stay longer and let the night carry on until the early hours. Maybe next time I visit.The Vibrators \u2013 V2 (LP) \u2013 Cleopatra Records Store