My friend, have I got a story to tell you about my run-in with a sex doll. You won’t believe what just happened to me. To put it plainly – my attempt at buying a sex doll online was a total disaster. Now while I won’t go too into the gory details, I can say this: it wasn’t the best of experiences.

165cm High Quality Real Silicone Sex Dolls, Vagina Pussy Lifelike Love Dolls Japanese Metal ...At first everything seemed to be going alright. I had found a great deal on a sex doll that shipped from abroad, and I couldn’t wait to receive it. I had read some reviews from people who had actually used the product, and they all said really positive things. I thought to myself “Yeah, this is it, I’m gonna get the best sex toys doll ever!”

But then on the day of delivery, I received an email from the seller saying that my order was cancelled. At first I just thought it was a mistake, so I asked them what was going on. To my surprise, they told me that it was because the sex toys doll had been damaged before leaving the warehouse. I was shocked.

So I contacted the seller asking for a full refund or for a replacement. Unfortunately, they said they couldn’t do either. I was so mad! They had essentially sold me a beanbag rather than a sex doll…which wasn’t the best of situations.

Next, I went on Google to try and find another seller. Luckily I was able to find one, but not without a lot of research. The reviews were okay but not great. I was a bit hesitant at first, but decided to give it a shot anyway.

The new doll came with a few problems of its own. The paint job was completely off, and the shapes of the body parts were way off. Not to mention that the skin was a bit too smooth, not realistic at all. I wanted to scream!

So I sent the doll back and looked for yet another seller. Because I was so frustrated, I wanted to get a replacement as soon as possible. But the process of finding another seller was long and tiresome… luckily I was able to find one eventually with decent reviews.

I finally got the replacement doll. And I was so relieved! This doll was in great condition and looked the part. But when I tried to use it, I noticed that it was really sticky for some reason. I quickly searched online to see what the problem was, and it was something that some people called “botched sex doll syndrome”. Basically it had to do with the manufacturing process going in wrong, resulting in a sticky surface.

So I contacted the seller to ask for a refund. To my dismay, they refused. So now I’m stuck with a doll that is practically unusable. I’m so frustrated. I hate to think how much money and time I wasted because of this botched sex doll.