mikaalg male automatic masturbator

I saw an advertisement for the Mikaalg Male Automatic Masturbator recently and I was curious so I decided to check it out.​ As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to give it a try.​ I opened up the package and there it was: a sleek black, futuristic-looking device that was about the size of a tennis ball.​ The box came with a USB port and a number of attachments.​

I was overcome with delight as I assembled the masturbator and Penis Rings plugged it in.​ It was surprisingly straightforward to set up and I was ready to go in no time.​ To give it a try, I applied a good amount of water-based lubricant and enjoyed the sensation.​ It was like nothing I had ever felt before from a manual device.​

The Mikaalg Male Automatic Masturbator is just as powerful as it looks.​ The five speed settings gave me the opportunity to explore different sensations which I found exciting.​ When I used the highest speed setting, there was a pretty intense intensity and pleasure that radiates throughout my body.​

One thing I really adore about the Mikaalg Male Automatic Masturbator is that it is completely waterproof.​ This really gives me the confidence to try out different watery adventures without worrying about my device getting wet.​ Additionally, the fact that it is USB rechargeable is also a fantastic plus point.​

Another great feature of the Mikaalg Male Automatic Masturbator is that it is whisper quiet.​ I have used other vibrators and masturbators in the past, but none of them compare to the Mikaalg one in terms of not making any sound whatsoever.​ Even when I used the highest speed setting, I couldn’t hear a thing!

What I really appreciate is the fact that the Mikaalg Male Automatic Masturbator has a built-in timer.​ This is a great feature to have as it helps me understand when I have had enough.​ Plus, it helps me avoid any unpleasantries that may occur during or after the session.​

The attachments that came with the masturbator added even more pleasure to my adventures.​ Whether I felt like a massage or a sucking sensation, I could customize my session accordingly.​

After about a week of experimenting with the Mikaalg Male Automatic Masturbator, I can honestly say I am in love.​ It has become a part of my daily routine and I couldn’t be happier.​ I’m sure my friends are also jealous of how great an experience I have been having every day.​