male masturbation techniques buzzfeed

Masturbation is something that a lot of men don’t feel comfortable talking about, but there are a lot of great male masturbation techniques that can make it more fun and pleasurable.​ That’s why I’m so excited about the article from BuzzFeed on male masturbation techniques.​

I think the best thing about this article is that it covers the basics and then some.​ It covers the most common techniques like stroking, rubbing, and squeezing, as well as some more advanced techniques like edging, thrusting, and using toys.​ It even gets into more controversial topics like using a baby’s arm to stimulate the prostate and other areas of the male anatomy that can be pleasurable when touched.​

What really blew me away was the section about sensual pleasures.​ This piece talks about how to use different forms of stimulation, such as scents, sounds, and tastes, to enjoy a more sensually stimulating experience when you’re masturbating.​ It also tells you what kind of movements to use, like gentle grinding and thrusting, to optimize your experience.​

The article even goes into the topic of male erotic fantasies.​ This piece covers talking about fantasies, exploring different types of fantasies, and tips for how to make them more fulfilling.​ I thought this part of the article was great because it explored the other side of male masturbation, not just the physical but the mental and emotional aspects as well.​

The article also offers tips on how to extend the pleasure of your experience by combining different techniques.​ It also includes several resources related to male sexuality, including books, websites, and articles.​ I think these resources are a valuable addition to the article because it allows readers to explore further on their own and find resources that best meet their individual needs.​

Finally, the article touches on the importance of safety when it comes to male masturbation.​ It covers ways to maintain good hygiene and dildos avoid irritation, as well as a few sexier topics, such as prostate stimulation and using sex toys.​ It also includes a few tips on how to cope with performance anxiety that some guys may have during masturbation.​

In addition to the information covered in the article, I found myself learning about some of the health benefits of male masturbation.​ Studies have shown that men who approach masturbation as a form of self-care can experience their lives in a more relaxed and positive way.​ Masturbation also increases feelings of well-being by releasing pleasure hormones.​ It can even improve erectile function and make men more comfortable with their sexuality.​

In terms of pleasure, male masturbation has a variety of possible techniques.​ It can involve the use of lubricants, hands, fingers, sex toys, or even creative scenarios with erotic partners or props.​ For instance, some men use Jacuzzi jets, shower heads, and wand vibrators to add a playful element to their experience.​ Practicing edging is another way to explore longer, more intense bouts of pleasure.​

However, exploring these techniques can be uncomfortable for some men.​ In these cases, techniques such as visualization and gentle pleasure exploration can help.​ Visualization can involve thinking of favorite places, people, or memories to stay more relaxed.​ Gentle pleasure is also beneficial, as this involves exploring your body with light touches and very gentle self-stimulation, rather than intense jolts of pleasure.​

Overall, the BuzzFeed article on male masturbation techniques is a great resource.​ Not only does it explain the basics and more advanced techniques, but it also encourages readers to explore their own pleasure and find ways to extend the pleasure they experience.​