male masturbation journey vlog

Hey friend, sitting here thinking about my masturbation journey vlog, which I recently started.​ To be honest, I had been really hesitant to do it.​ But my curiosity, bravery and desire to learn more got the better of me.​

So, here I was.​ I had decided to record my journey from novice to experienced masturbator, and share it with the inter webs.​ I had no idea how to start, or what I would be doing.​ In fact, I had no idea what masturbation truly was, and how it could enhance my life.​

The first step was to do some research.​ I found there a wealth of information about masturbation.​ I read articles, watched tutorials, had conversations with people I trust, and found out that it is an act that has been around for centuries, that has been normalized in society, and that, when done properly, can bring pleasure and relief to its practitioners.​

After gaining more knowledge, I started to feel excited about my journey and the positive impact it could have on my life.​ I decided I wanted to be intentional about my journey and the topics I would explore.​ This meant that I would assess which techniques I liked, which products I liked, and what kind of experiences I wanted to have.​

After debating within myself for a few days, I decided that my first vlog post would be about me trying out different hand motions and sex toys to experience the pleasures that masturbating could bring.​ I was a bit anxious but I’m a firm believer that if you want to get really good something, you have to just start.​

At first, I felt awkward and embarrassed to try different hand motions and sex toys.​ But I kept trying and eventually I started to find out what I liked and what felt good to me.​ Some people need patience and a bit of practice before they find something that works for them, and I was no different.​

Exploring different products and techniques opened up a world of possibilities for me.​ I could experience pleasure in different ways, from exploring soft vibration and pressure, vibrators to pulsating movements, to different materials that felt different against my skin.​ I even started trying out videos and audio recordings to enhance my experience.​

I knew already that this journey was going to help me gain self-confidence and increase my sense of self-worth, and I was right.​ Doing something that not only brings me pleasure but also helps me become more in tune with my own body is really empowering.​

I also got to know the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ types of lube for my personal pleasure.​ For example, I soon learned that water based lube should be reserved for attaching sex toys for insertion, as they’re pH balanced and easily washable.​ But if I’m using fingers, then silicone lubricant is recommended, as it lasts longer, is slicker and can penetrate deeper.​

Apart from that, I have learned that masturbation can be beneficial for reducing stress, improving my overall health, and achieving a higher level of sexual satisfaction.​ As I am more aware of my body and mind, I am able to make smarter and more informed decisions about my sexual pleasure.​

I feel more confident and prepared to take up this journey, and in the future I want to explore more ways to use masturbation as an avenue for exploring pleasure and feeling good.​ I am learning a lot and am super excited to keep vlogging about my journey and sharing it with others.​