literotica guy comes in sex doll in class

That day I will never forget, it all began when I stepped into my Science class. You won’t believe what I saw! A life-sized sex doll laying on one of the desks! I mean, what was it doing there?!

Turns out, the teacher had asked one of our class mates, a Literotica guy, to bring it in. He was bragging about it like it was his own invention. He had gone and purchased the doll for some ‘experiments’ and was trying to show off his ‘ingenuity’.

Vibrators Archives - SecretsBoutiques.comI was instantly embarrassed. I didn’t understand why a teacher would give him permission to bring such a ridiculous thing to class. The whole thing felt so wrong and out of place.

The whole class was starstruck. I mean, we were like, who does something like this? You could see the whole class whispering and gossiping in the corner. I was so embarrassed!

Our teacher tried her best to put a stop to it, telling the Literotica guy to leave the sex doll in the science lab and not bring it into class anymore. But, of course, that didn’t work. He just kept bringing in the sex doll, using it for whatever experiments he was doing, much to our dismay.

I felt so confused about the whole thing. It’s not like I’m against him or anything, but I just didn’t understand Penis Rings why a teacher would allow something like this. What happened to education? What message was this sending to young minds?

I mean, the Literotica guy was clearly taking advantage of the whole situation, trying to look cool and macho in front of his class mates. Did he not realize how it could affect us?

Anyways, that was the most awkward day of my academic career! Even though the Literotica guy has left that class, I can still recall how weird it felt when he came in with that sex doll.

It made me wonder, how can someone be so careless, that they think it’s okay to bring something like that into the classroom? Is it a sign of a bigger problem in our society?

It makes me question the state of our education system. What happens when teachers let go and think that such things do not matter? What message is being sent out? Is this the kind of lesson our young minds should learn from?

Also, that kind of incident could make some students feel uncomfortable. I’m sure that the Literotica guy had no intention of making anyone else feel uncomfortable, but bringing in that sex doll to class was clearly not the right call.

It made me question as to what kind of message are we sending out when these kind of ‘experiments’ are allowed in class? When something like this is condoned by a teacher, it makes me seriously question the state of our education system.

It’s so important for us to be aware of what our teachers are condoning in school, and to ensure that our classrooms are safe and vibrators gender-neutral. We can’t just leave it up to our teachers to decide. We have to make sure that our education system is in line with the values we believe in, and that every student is treated with respect and dignity.