I’m so glad I found out about penis pumps that stop at penis not skin! I’ve tried a few pumps before that had a tendency to pinch the skin, and it was an absolute nightmare.​ This pump is a total game-changer.​

The most important thing is that it’s safe and effective.​ If it hurts, you know something is wrong.​ The company who makes these pumps has gone above and beyond in making sure that it’s painless and it is preventing skin bulging by having the pump stop at the penis.​

I’m also thrilled that the pump operates at a steady pressure.​ All pumps I’ve used in the past had a tendency to fluctuate, and that was quite annoying.​ With this pump, I can just set the pressure to where I need it and go about my day.​

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What I really love about this pump is that it doesn’t mess around with features I don’t need.​ Sometimes I’ve used pumps that had so many unnecessary features it felt like a waste of time.​ This pump is all about business.​

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It’s so nice to be able to vary the speed and pressure settings, too.​ I can’t stand when I have to adjust the settings every time I’m using a pump.​ But this pump takes care of that, and it’s so convenient.​

Whenever I’m using the pump, I love that I have the ability to turn on a timer.​ This ensures I’m not running the pump for too long and helps me keep track of my progress.​ I just set the timer and let it do its thing, and I can easily keep an eye on my progress.​

I also appreciate that I can easily adjust the angle of the pump.​ That way, I can make sure I’m using the pump correctly, and I can be sure that I’m pumping at the right angle.​ This helps make sure I’m getting the most out of my pump usage, and I’m sure to have the best results.​

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