I feel like I hit the jackpot when I discovered the best way to hit my gspot male masturbation.​ultimately,it’s one of those experiences that you just can’t put into words and that every man should experience for themselves.​

The first time I tried to hit it, I felt like an explorer searching for a elusive treasure.​Now of course, I had read articles and asked my friends, so I knew what I was looking for — but being able to find it through my own exploration felt magical.​It wasn’t an easy task.​

Once I figured out where it was, dildos my next challenge was to figure out how to stimulate it.​That requires some finesse.​ Different strokes work differently for different people.​I’ve experimented with a variety of strokes and ingredients, and the most successful approach I have found so far includes both strong stroking and my favorite sex toy.​

Dildos are great for stimulating my gspot, and I like the way they allow me to move around and find just the right angle for the most satisfying sensation.​Using my Spirit Stone Vibrator is my go-to choice for ultimate gspot stimulation.​It’s the perfect shape, texture and size for a gradually increasing gspot orgasm.​

Anal pleasure is a great way to incorporate an extra bit of pleasure into my journey of hitting the gspot.​I like to use anal beads because they create a pleasurable sensation as they are being removed.​They also do a great job at lubrication and provide amazing pleasure.​I’m sure there are other toys that could work,but I enjoy the feeling that anal beads give me.​

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to really take your time when exploring your gspot.​There’s no rush — the pleasure will increase as you find the right strokes and rhythm.​Focus on breathing deeply, listening to music or just letting your mind wander for maximum pleasure.​This is about exploring your body, and you need to be totally at ease to make it work.​

I also like to mix up the position that I use.​‍I’ve found that stimulation from different angles is the key to unlocking maximum pleasure.​Sometimes I’ll put a pillow underneath me, or have my partner hold me in certain positions to make sure the G-spot is receiving maximum pleasure.​With this combination of angle, stroke and toy I can lay back and let my body take the lead to the most orgasmic experience ever!