I was pretty excited when I heard that I could put a sex doll head on my flat-mate’s doll and dress it up. I couldn’t believe it, we would have a lasting reminder of our fun time together. I was a bit apprehensive, so I decided to do a bit of research. So here’s what I found out:

The first thing I learned about putting on a sex doll head was that it’s surprisingly easy. All you need is a few basic materials and tools which you can find in any hardware store. Start by taking the head off the doll’s body and cleaning it with a soft cloth. Then you want to make sure that the neck area is smooth and free of any lumps or bumps that could prevent the installation.

With the head prepped, the next step is to get the head into position. You will want to make sure the hairline lines up perfectly with the hairline of the doll’s body. You can use a pencil or a makeup brush to quickly and accurately place the head. Once in place, use a sharp knife or dildos scissors to cut around the perimeter of the doll head, making sure to cut closer to the body than the head.

Now comes the tricky part – securing the head. You want to make sure that the head is mounted securely and won’t come off easily. One way to do this is to use a strong adhesive such as Super Glue. Alternatively, you can use hot glue or another strong bonding material. Just make sure to apply it evenly and thoroughly to ensure the head is firmly in place.

The next step is to dress the doll up! This is the fun part, as you can dress the doll up however you like. You can use anything from wigs to makeup to clothing to really bring your doll to life. Depending on the material you choose, you can also add accessories such as jewelry, hats, scarves, and more.

The last step is to give the doll a name. This is the final step before fully bringing your new friend to life. We named ours “Jenny” and it brought us so much joy every time we looked at her.

Once I had all these steps down, I applied them to my flat-mate’s doll and it worked like a charm! It was so thrilling to see its new look – she was so lifelike. It was like magic watching my flat-mate’s face light up as she saw her new creation. She couldn’t stop talking about it for days!

Not long after, friends started ordering dolls that I had made. Every time they asked me for advice on how to put on a sex doll head, I was always happy to share what I had learned. I was pleased to be able to pass on my knowledge and watch people bring their own dolls to life.

From this experience, I learnt a lot about doll modification and its power to create a unique and personal connection with your dolls. I realized that with a bit of creativity and effort, anyone can create something truly special. After all, it’s through customizing these dolls that you can create a unique and lasting connection between you and your sex doll. And that’s the beauty of it – you can make a unique connection that wouldn’t be possible with any other doll!

I developed a passion for making dolls and have used these skills to customize dolls for friends and family. I’ve made dolls with a wide variety of faces, hair styles, body shapes, and Penis Rings outfits. It’s so rewarding to see the final product, knowing that I was able to create something special with my own two hands.

Overall, I’ve grown to really appreciate the art of doll modification. From the research to the meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the clothing and accessories, there is so much to enjoy. Watching a doll come to life in its own unique way is a really special experience, and one that I think everyone should get to enjoy!