how to masturbate quietly with male masturbator

Masturbation is an important part of our physical and emotional wellbeing, however it can also be a source of great embarrassment if you share a home with someone or worry about privacy.​ I learnt the hard way that knowing how to masturbate quietly with a male masturbator dildos is an invaluable skill to have.​

168CM japanese silicone sex dolls, oral real love doll, full body sex doll skeleton, sex toys ...It all started when I was living at home with my roommates and caught up in a rut of boring hand-induced orgasms.​ I knew that if I wanted to experience something more then I’d have to do some serious research in order to masturbate quietly with a male masturbator.​

It wasn’t an easy task as the majority of the masturbators that I researched were loud and intrusive.​ After hours of research I stumbled across the perfect solution- the Quietsweet masturbators.​ They are whisper-quiet, with a silicone skin that incredibly resembles the feel of a human hand.​ The Quietsweet male masturbator really was a game changer.​

But was it enough if I wanted to masturbate without being heard? To make sure I couldn’t be caught in the act, I had to start from the very beginning and get myself prepped.​ I knew I had to be respectful of the other people in the house but also have the freedom to enjoy my own fun.​

I began by choosing an area that was as sound-proof as possible.​ As a result, I chose the bathroom as it had heavy tiles and soft rugs on the floors.​ That was all that I needed for the perfect environment.​

Now it was time to get ready to enjoy some privacy.​ I started by downloading a noise cancelling app so that I could well… be safe in case I did end up being a bit louder than expected.​ It gave me a bit of comfort and confidence as I moved onto the next step.​

The next thing I did was invest in some noise cancellation headphones.​ They helped me stay silent while I was in the heat of the moment.​ This really gave me the reassurance I needed so I could really let go, enjoy myself and focus on the job at hand.​

The next step was actually using the Quietsweet male masturbator.​ All I had to do was lube it up and get to work.​ The sensory technology and dildos realistic feel was enough to increase the pleasure levels for a high quality orgasm.​ It was such a relief to no longer worry about being heard during a beat session.​

Overall, spending a bit of time to research the right solution for silent self-pleasuring was definitely the best thing I could have done.​ Masturbation was never this enjoyable, or this stress free before.​ It’s crazy what you can do with the correct tools and knowledge!