how to make a sex doll out of a barbie

When I wanted to make a sex doll out of a Barbie for myself, Penis Rings I was taken aback at how difficult and labor-intensive it was. To make your own homemade sex doll out of a Barbie is no easy feat!

First things first, you need to take apart the Barbie doll to the base plastic parts and accessories. This includes removing all the clothing, hair and any accessories the Barbie had. Then, using scissors, you need to cut away any unnecessary parts of the doll like the arms and legs. Take your time and be sure to make neat and vibrators clean cuts.

Once the Barbie is bare and all unnecessary parts are discarded, you need to sand the pieces down with high grit sand paper. This process is especially important for the plastic accessories that come with the doll as they can become quite sharp. You want to make sure that your sex doll is as smooth and soft as possible.

Once all the parts are sanded and smooth you can start reassembling the Barbie. Start by reattaching the arms, legs and head to the body and be sure to use plastic bonds or resin. Then you can start adding in the other plastic parts such as ears, eyes, and plastic features. When you are finished, you can now start painting the Barbie.

Painting your doll is where it gets really fun. Not only do you get to decide on a skin tone but you can also give the doll unique facial features like freckles, tattoos, or even a bright pink lip. You can also add clothing to the Barbie to make it your own- get creative!

Now for the final touches. When your doll is dressed and ready to go, insert the doll’s mouth and add the vibrating rods. Then, you can tape the vibrating rods in place to make sure they stay put and don’t move, and you are done! You now have a beautiful and unique homemade sex doll.

Making a sex doll out of a Barbie is time consuming and requires a bit of patience, but the rewards of being able to customize your own doll are definitely worth it. You can make the doll look however you want and you can make it as soft and realistic as you want. Plus, you get to say that you actually made it yourself- how cool is that!