how do you lify a sex doll

10 Speed Powerful Magic Wand AV Vibrators Rechargeable Big Vibrator Clit Massager Sex Toys For ...When it comes to lifying a sex doll, it’s definitely no easy task. I mean, the heavier they are, the more you’ll be huffing and puffing for those sexy curves. But, you’re in luck because I’m going to tell you how I managed to lify my own sex doll and tips for making it a breeze.

First off, it’s important to keep in mind that sex dolls come in a wide variety of different sizes and weight, ranging from 50 pounds and up. So, before you even consider lifting one, make sure you survey the work at hand and decide which one is the best suited for your own physical capabilities.

One tip I have is to enlist the help of a friend and ask them to hold the doll while you lift. That way, if you slip up, both you and the doll are saved from injury. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have the extra help of someone else.

Speaking from personal experience, I found that the task becomes much easier with the right gear. Things like anti-slip gloves and sturdy lifting straps can make all the difference when lifting those heavy sex dolls, as it helps to prevent them from slipping out of your grasp.

Besides this, it’s also important to get the posture right. When lifying a sex doll, you want to make sure you go into it with your eyes focused on the ground, and knees slightly bent. This way you can take your focus off the weight of the doll, and support your back and spine while lifting.

And one thing to remember here is to start the move from your legs. This is important, because if you start lifying from the other parts of your body, it can lead to serious injuries due to the doll’s heavy weight.

Finally, once you’ve got the technique down pat, you can attempt a slight variation of this exercise by lifying up the doll and holding it over your head in different poses. Sounds like a fun way to enter a new world of physical challenge, right?

Now that you have some tips on how to lify a sex doll, it’s time to get creative and explore different angles when lifying up the doll for fantasy scenarios. For example, you could have them bending over in certain poses that you can hang on to, or even suspend the doll in air with the help of some swing.

Another interesting way to lify up the doll, is by using support poles, which you can fit around the dolls body to distribute the weight evenly to enable easy lifting. Just make sure the poles aren’t too tight around her body, as it can cause the doll to become misshapen and affect her curves in the wrong way.

With a few of these clever tools and gadgets, not to mention practice, you can almost master the art of lifying sex doll in just a matter of time.

Now that you have tips and ideas on how to lify a sex doll, it’s time to put them into action. Don’t forget to ask for help from a friend for the lifting and you’ll be good to go. And, of course, safety always comes first so always make sure that you lift with your back in the right alignment, and always use the right gear while lifting the doll.

Once you get started, you will be able to quickly find out how physical it can be to lify a sex doll. Just make sure you don’t overexert yourself, and don’t attempt the moves if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Stretching and warming up beforehand can also help you avoid achy muscles. On that note, start slow before attempting to lify a doll in an acrobatic pose. Even with practice, mastering difficult poses can take some time and dedication.

In addition to this, a great way to further incorporate this activity into your routine is to set goals for yourself. If you make lifting these dolls a goal, you’ll be able to see how your strength steadily grows over time. Who knows, you might even end up with stronger arms than ever before!

In addition to lifting the doll, there are also other ways to make use of her. You can use the doll to explore new sex positions and different kinds of foreplay. It’s also perfect for experimenting with all kinds of bondage and restraints.

One thing that really surprised me after lifying the doll was the fact that she was much more flexible than Iā€™d expected. This flexibility allows us to create some really intricate and exciting BDSM scenarios, which was a nice surprise.

It’s also great for practising yoga and other poses with the doll. With her participating in the session, it’s totally possible to get the correct posture and balance at a more advanced level.

Lastly, it’s great to use the doll to practice acrobatic or gymnastic moves for more experienced levelled users. Plus, most dolls feel quite lifelike and are often weighted differently to better replicate the way that a real person would feel.

So, now that you know the basics of lifying a sex doll, it’s time to put your knowledge into action and give it a go! Whether it’s for exercising, or Penis Rings experimenting with sex positions, there’s nothing quite like a doll to get those creative juices flowing. And with a bit of practice and the right safety gear, you can find yourself mastering the art of lifying sex doll in no time.