do you need lube for a silicone sex doll

As someone who has had sex for a long time and who has always liked exploring the unknowns and sometimes taboo subjects that surround it, I have to admit that I was as intrigued as I was excited to try out a silicone sex doll. Of course, I was aware I needed lube in order to make it all go smooth.

At first, I felt completely overwhelmed by the endless number of lubes available in the market and all the options I had. From water-based to oil-based, silicone-based and even hybrid lubes, I was spoilt for choice. I tried to do some research in order to find the best one for my needs, but it turns out that things were a bit more complex than I first expected.

So many factors had to be taken into account! The material of the sex doll, the use I wanted to give it, as well as my skin and any allergies I may have. In this jungle that would easily place me in a pen-pusher’s role, I was at constant risk of going wrong.

After experimenting with a few lubes, I finally found the one that was good for me. It was a hybrid lube that took care of all my needs. The formula was able to work well with silicone sex dolls and, what was even better, was that it was made with natural plant oils that helped protect and nourish my skin. As a plus, the lube was silicone-free, which was also a major advantage.

I would say that having a lube to use with my silicone sex doll was, in a way, nothing less than a blessing. It allowed me to make the experience pleasurable and comfortable, while also video using whatever amount I needed to make things run smoother. All in all, it made the experience way more enjoyable.

With that, I started to realise that lube can be used not just to protect and lubricate, but it can also help increase the pleasure you get from sex doll use. It can enhance sensation and make the experience more enjoyable, not to mention be a great way to be able to enjoy a silicone sex doll for a longer time –Those are all major advantages to have.

Another little something I have come to realise through this experience is that when it comes lube for an silicone sex doll, you especially have to be careful in terms of the ingredients. Some lubes that are made with parabens, for example, could harm your skin and the materials of your sex doll, which means it is important to be aware about what ingredients a lube contains.

Besides that, another thing I later discovered is that we can use a different type of lube depending on the surplus or lack of lubrication we may experience. From light-textured liquids to thicker gels that can stay longer on your skin and the sex doll, the possibilities are endless.

And last but not least, Penis Rings I guess one of the most important lessons I have learned was that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to lube, and that experimenting is essential to find the one that best suits my needs. Depending on the sex dolls’ materials and usage, our lube needs vary.

I must say that, when it comes down to deciding if you need lube for a silicone sex doll or not, the answer is a clear ‘yes’. Though, the choice you make regarding the type of lube is ultimately up to you!