do anal without sex toy for man

I’m sure you’ve heard that doin’ the dirty deed without toys can be oh-so satisfying, but you might be wondering: can a men really do it without toys? While it may seem inconceivable to some, the answer is a definite yes! Doin’ anal without sex toys is a truly amazing experience.

I can tell you firsthand that when it comes to sex, the anticipation is half the fun. Knowing I don’t have anything fancy to rely on turns up the heat even more. The feeling of my partner’s warm breath, gentle thrusts, and strong grip help set the scene more than any store-bought toy ever could. Plus, when you know your partner inside and out, it’s easy to anticipate their every move and build up to an intense shared climax.

Still, prepping for anal without toys is no easy feat. My partner and I take our time prepping and communicating throughout the play to ensure we’re both comfortable, aroused, and fully aware of what needs to be done. For example, I always ready the area with gloves, lube, and a towel, and my partner and I both check in with each other to make sure that everything is good and we’re ready to go. We also use some intense foreplay to get us in the right headspace before I finally go in. All of this creates a safe space for us to try and surpass boundaries while still being able to trust each other entirely.

For me, sex dolls feeling my partner slick and warm around my fingers enhances the experience more than anything else. Working together to fill me up and relax my muscles feels more intimate than anything else. And each time we play it feels a bit different and allows me to explore my own body in a more natural and intense way. Though the sensations can be intense at first, it’s an amazing experience when you find a comfortable rhythm. As their thrusts become stronger and faster, I can really feel them until we reach the heights of pleasure together.

Plus, there’s something special about anal without toys. Without the distraction of a shiny silver dildo, my partner and I can focus more on the connection we share. Every breath, every thrust, and every movement carries significant weight that when put together provide an unforgettable and electrifying experience both of us get lost in.

Soothing one another after the pleasure storm is also something special that requires direct contact. With my partner’s gentle strokes, light kisses, and comfort speak, I feel more connected to them, as though we really are one. Knowing that we made it to the finish line together makes us ready for the next play session even more.

To add to the anticipation of previous experiences, I typically get creative and add games to the mix. Flashbacks to childhood come racing back as I hide lube behind jungle gyms, under pillows, and in jewelry boxes. Reenacting erotic tales of assault and bravery helps amp up the divine pleasure and cosmic confusion that occurs during doin’ it sans toys. Mixing up the tempo with music helps add new levels of sensation to the experience.

But sometimes adding toys to the mix can create new levels of pleasure. When I do use a toy, I like to choose something small like a glass plug that can help add an extra spark to the encounter. Just as it can when jumping in the fray without toys, preparation is key. Lube is essential and I’m sure you already know that, but make sure to have a lubricant for both you and the toy. Vaginal and silicone lubes don’t mix, so it’s crucial to have them both on-hand.

Some couples enjoy being creative with quickies. Making the bedroom a playground for kinky role play can be a beneficial way to both enjoy the toy and keep the intensity building throughout sex. This can also be a great way to get out of our comfort zones and explore and different sensations and experiences.

Adding whips and restraints to the mix can be a fun alternative. Taking a few moments to blindfold each other can help create added sensation without the use of a sex toy. Feeling my partner’s hands and body against mine while being blindfolded can really enhance the experience and prolong the pleasure found in each touch.

Tying each other up can be thrilling and helps draw out the pleasure. Wrist restraints can help keep my hands in place while my partner takes advantage of the ebbs and flows in movement. This can also allow for the exploration of wonders and unknowns that can be found in unexplored erogenous zones. It’s amazing how much pleasure can come out of organs we don’t think about often during intercourse.

The same can be said about nipple play, which can be just as effective as using toys. There’s nothing like the delicious sensation of a gentle kiss or a surprising tug on my nipple and it can really take the experience to the next level.

Using sex swings can also be a great way to keep the passion going without the use of toys. Placing my partner in the swing and having their legs wrap around me can change the dynamic of our play and add a special sense of flavor to the mix.

And if none of those tickle your fancy, then simply up the communication between you two, while enjoying every inch of each other’s bodies. I’ve found that when I and my partner devote the time for each other needed, there’s no better toy to bring it home than our ability to both talk through sexual release. Taking it slowly and appreciating each moment has become my favorite way of doin’ it without toys.