Ah man, I wish I had known the ultimate male masturbation when I was younger! I would’ve felt way more confident and ready to get intimate with a special someone.​ I had to learn the hard way, which was awkward but ultimately led me to the most amazing sex life.​

Truth be told, there are infinitely more ways of masturbating for men than for women.​ Sure, the basics are the same but we have advanced techniques that can bring us higher levels of pleasure.​

The first step to mastering ultimate male masturbation is understanding your own body.​ Every man is different so don’t underestimate the power of self-exploration.​ Take the time to play around and find the sweet spots on your body as well as the angles that make for the best stimulation.​ It takes a bit of practice but it’ll be worth it.​

Dr. Sommer: PENISRING! Was macht man damit?Aside from self exploration, there are plenty of sex toys out there for male pleasure.​ And no, it’s not “weird” or “unmanly” to use them! In fact, many of these toys can help you find the hidden potential of your body.​ A lot of men find it easier to experiment with something that’s designed specifically for pleasure.​

I never thought I’d say this, but lube is a must-have for ultimate male masturbation.​ It adds an extra layer of stimulation in just the right areas, allowing you to go faster and make your experience more intense.​ Best of all, lube doesn’t just add pleasure- it can intensify it too!

Aside from that, understanding your own porn preferences helps as well.​ We all have different fantasies-figure out yours and choose a scene that captures that same feeling.​ That way you can focus on what really turns you on and—hopefully—find an even better way to achieve pleasure.​

Time to get creative in the bedroom.​ One of the best ways I’ve found to spice up solo pleasure sessions is to use something other than my hands.​ This could mean using a pillow, your bed, vibrators or even church pews to create new sensations.​ It provides a touch of novelty that could give your session a much needed boost!

Trust me when I say that there’s nothing like shower sex.​ As soon as the water begins to flow, it’s nothing but pleasure.​ If you happen to have one of those fancy shower heads with multiple settings then the possibilities become almost infinite.​ The pleasure achieved from this combination of water, a good showerhead, and your own body is sure to send you to ecstasy and back.​

Speaking of taking things to the next level, edging is something all men should consider.​ It’s essentially the practice of almost reaching orgasm – but stopping just before it.​ This way you can build up the intensity of pleasure and make it last longer.​ The trick is to stay in control and practice restraint until you’re ready to let your pleasure out.​

One of my favorite techniques is to use mental stimulation to get aroused.​ Imaginary scenarios or erotic daydreams can get your blood pumping as if you already had someone there with you.​ It sounds a bit crazy, but it works wonders! It helps turn a casual solo session into something special that’ll make you come back for more.​

Finally, to truly maximize your pleasure during ultimate male masturbation, you’ll want to introduce some clitoral stimulation.​ This is a great way to multiply your pleasure like no other.​ Whether it’s through direct contact or indirect toys, pay special attention to your clitoris for an out-of-this-world experience.​

So there you have it, my secrets to ultimate male masturbation.​ Trust me, if you keep at it you too will eventually reach near euphoric levels of pleasure.​ Go on and get creative-it’ll all be worth your while!