2019 us siezing sex dolls

It was the beginning of 2019 and it seemed an average year until I heard the unexpected news- US was seizing sex dolls! I was astonished and couldn’t believe my ears. Had the world suddenly gone mad? Such a controversial topic, I thought, was surely going to cause a massive uproar in the society.

After doing a bit of research, I found out that Customs and Border Protection agents had seized 2000 mislabeled sex dolls from China, Canada, and Penis Rings Mexico. It was labeled as plush toys, stuffed animals, clothes hangers, and even PVC pipes. It definitely boggled my mind! Despite the fact that importation of sex dolls is allowed in US, sellers were trying to deceive authorities to get away with it.

The massive seizure puzzled me- what was the primary reason behind it? I soon heard of another incident in the same year which clarified the purpose of seizing sex dolls. An undercover officer had purchased a 14 year old looking doll from an unknown seller.

It was then I knew there was an ethical debate going on about the import of such dolls, because they were promoting paedophilia. I was certainly flabbergasted when I heard about it. However, I had to give it to the US Customs officials for their extreme measure of safety and precaution.

Moreover, I read in the news that some states had banned the purchase of such dolls in fear of encouraging the child-sexual predator network. It only strengthened my belief that possession of such dolls was wrong in every sense and should be banned immediately across the United States.

I believe that the safety of children is something that cannot be compromised at any cost. It is a crime to possess such dolls, let alone abuse them in any manner. Therefore, the US authorities were absolutely right in seizing such dolls which ultimately would have protected our children.

My opinion on sex dolls is that they should be banned completely, and those who possess them should be tried by the law for encouraging paedophilia. There should be stricter laws to reduce the importation of such dolls, and offenders should be severely punished.

Not only should US seize dolls but they should also ensure that the child-sexual predator network is shut down. They should involve the local authorities, police, and involve the public to fight against these heinous crimes.

Furthermore, they should ensure that she children, especially young girls, Penis Rings are made aware of such potentials threats and are provided a safe environment. Moreover, they should ensure that parents are educated regarding dangers posed by child predators operating online.

Also, US authorities should put measures in place and coordinate with other countries to ensure that such dolls are not imported or sold to anyone. Such steps would not only ensure the safety of children but also promote a healthier lifestyle in the country.